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Specimen Nicking Cutter


  • The cutting edge is protected at all times from accidental damage and injury to the operator
  • When the sample is inserted, the cutting edge is retracted
  • Replacement blade easily fitted
  • The cutting edge locates on positive stops so that no fine adjustment is required to achieve the correct depth of cut
  • 0.5mm and 1.0mm nick depths available
  • Robust design gives accurate and consistent results

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The purpose of the nicking cutter is to cut accurately, quickly and conveniently the nick required in tear test specifications.
The sample is held in guides to ensure ensure correct location. On closing the apparatus, the sample is clamped lightly between plates under a known spring pressure.

The action of the apparatus is to raise the cutting blade to the correct level to produce the cut depth and then slice the sample to ensure that the cut is clean.

The apparatus is mounted on a baseplate which may be screwed to a bench. When the spring loaded latch is released the specimen clamp plate secures the sample.

The operating knob is now pushed inwards. In this position the blade is cutting the sample. After two or three strokes the sample is removed.

A suitable lubricant should be used on the sample during the cutting operation, otherwise the depth of cut may be incorrect.


See the table below for a run-down of this product's specifications.


290mm(l) x 180mm(w) x 90mm(h)



Nick Depth

0.5mm, 1.0mm


Product range

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WAS6/3/6 Tear Test Nicking Cutter Machine - S6/3/6

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