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Sample Tables for Wallace Hardness Testers

Wallace Hardness Tester Sample Tables


Wallace have developed a Quick Change Range of tables for use on the H 12 Micro, H 14 Dead Load & H 17 Shore Scale Hardness Testers. The tables simply locate on to precision dowels - no extra fixing is needed. It is anticipated that customers may need extra tables to meet their different testing requirements.

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'V' Groove Tables H 19

H19-2 Small 'V' Groove
180mm x 76mm, 1 mm wide 'V' groove along length
H19-3 Medium 'V' Groove
180mm x 76mm, 4mm wide 'V' groove along length.
H19-4 Medium 'V' Groove
180mm x 76mm, 8mm wide 'V' groove along length


'O' Matrix Table H19-5

180mm x 76mm.

The Matrix Table consists of 126 holes that are located on 10mm centres. Alternate holes are tapped to accept M3 threaded screws or drilled to 3mm to accept a 3mm diameter parallel dowel. The accuracy of the matrix allows precise location of jigs and fixtures.



'O' Ring Holder H19-ORA

Two gear driven inclined pins rise from the surface to securely locate the 'O' ring so that the ring is always correctly located. Can handle 'O' ring Cross - Section Diameters from 1 - 6mm.



Oversized Table H19-7

300mm x 76mm
Flat surface to allow easy positioning of very large samples.



Vacuum Specimen Table H19/VAC

This is an alternative sample table used to hold thinner samples flat on the table and requires the use of a Vacuum Pump (X2). This is ideal for use with the Micro Hardness Tester (H12) and the Shore M (H17M) instruments.

Custom Tables

Wallace can offer custom designed tables for special applications.

Product range

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WAH19 Hardness Tester 'V' Groove Tables H19
WAH19-5 Hardness Tester Matrix Table H19-5
WAH19-ORA Hardness Tester 'O' Ring Holder H19-ORA
WAH19-7 Hardness Tester Oversized Table H19-7
WAH19/VAC Hardness Tester Vacuum Specimen Table H19/VAC

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