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Handheld Durometer Stand

The Wallace Handheld Durometer Stand enables accurate and repeatable results in accordance with the relevant standards.  The easy height and weight adjustment make it simple to measure non-standard products.

The stand easily adapts to support a range of durometers, both analogue and digital (including Shore A, Shore D and Shore OO).

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  • All versions come PC enables as standard
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Constant and perpendicular foot pressure
  • Adjustable feet and level gauge
  • Easy height adjustment using quick release lever
  • Adapts easily to various ISO standards
  • Durometer easily fitted to stand


  • A range of digital and analogue handheld durometers as well as Shore D and Shore OO weights.

Principle of Operation

Adjust the height of the durometer to allow the samples to be placed easily under the indenter. There is a safety stop on the shaft that should be set to avoid the instrument being able to drop accidently into the sample or table.

Place the sample on the stand and operate the lever slowly to deploy the durometer. Allow the durometer to move gently onto the sample and display the reading.


Handheld Durometer Stand

Part Number


Dimensions (mm)

450 (h) x 250 (Ø)

Stand Weight


Indicator Travel


Adjustment Range


Operating Temperature

10 to 40°C; Altitude 2000m maximum

Humidity Range

10 to 80% RH non-condensing


Product range

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WAH18 Handheld Durometer Stand


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